Foundation Repair

At Frontier Basement Solutions in Gering, NE our team is trained to deal with foundation issues providing services for both commercial and residential buildings.

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

Bowed Basement Wall Repair

Basement walls bow because of poor drainage or negative drainage next to the basement wall. After it rains or when snow melts, it doesn’t drain away from the house. It gathers next to the wall, soaking the soil adjacent to the wall. This saturated soil expands and puts pressure on the side of the wall. This pressure causes the wall to break in the middle and bow the stressed wall. When a wall is bowed, the structure of the home is prone to failure because the wall no longer has lateral strength.

How can a bowed wall be repaired?
Our team of experts use SafeBase™ wall anchors and the Rhino Carbon Fiber® strips to realign bowed basement walls. 

Foundation Settlement Repair

Foundation Settlement Repair

Poor soil conditions cause problems with foundations. Replacing or removing the foundation is not only expensive but it is also ineffective because the root of the problem-poor soil conditions-has not been addressed. We solve this issue by utilizing the SafeBase™ Push Pier system where we install the piers through the poor soil and into the stable soil below. These piers only require small equipment for installation and can be installed in all weather conditions without the expense of excavation. Once placed in the ground, concrete can immediately be poured.

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

Hydrostatic pressure occurs when the soil surrounding the home is saturated by standing water and expands due to the moisture. When the soil expands, it creates a constant outward and downward force that pushes water through the basement walls. Hydrostatic pressure being applied to the walls can cause them to bow and buckle resulting in foundation cracks. These cracks can be vertical, horizontal or a stair-step pattern. The majority of foundation cracks appear within 28 days after the construction. They can lead to structural damage and water leaks when the cracks grow larger.


These foundation issues will be addressed utilizing the following SafeBasements™ products. We are confident these reliable products that were designed with over 40 years of experience will permanently solve your home’s foundation problems.

SafeBase™ Wall Anchors

wall anchor

The wall anchor restores lateral strength to the wall. Once the wall anchor is installed, the grade is raised, the lateral strength of the wall is restored allowing it to resist hydrostatic pressure and the contraction and expansion of the soil is minimized. When the soil is dry, it leaves a gap from the soil that has shrunk away from the wall. During dry weather these anchors can be tightened to pull the wall straight.

SafeBase™ Push Piers

push piers

These push piers offer a successful permanent solution to solve foundation settlement issues. They are driven through the bad soil to the underneath, stable soil. These push piers will stand the test of time to deliver support to the building that will last its’ lifetime.

SafeBase™ Helical Piers

Helical Piers

These piers are the perfect solution for buildings located in windy areas or a structure that is unstable. They are installed into the stable soil underneath and then bolted or molded using concrete to the building’s foundation. This transfers the structures’ weight from the weak soil to the stable soil. They are user-friendly installing in all weather conditions. There is no need for the cost of excavation as they require small equipment and concrete can be poured immediately after they are installed.

Rhino Carbon Fiber®

Rhino Carbon Fiber

This system to repair bowed walls is the strongest on the market. It connects to the foundation base and the house framing totally protecting the structure from movement. No matter the degree of damage to the bowed wall, Rhino Carbon Fiber® is a great solution.

SafeBasements™ Poured Foundation Crack Repair

poured foundation crack repair

Using the SafeBasements™ poured foundation crack repair, we utilize a process that fills foundation cracks with a low-pressure polyurethane foam. This foam fills the crack without opening it further and it repels water to keep it out of the home. Once cured, it leaves a dried sealed surface. This seal may be left as is or chipped and grinded away without effecting the repaired surface.

SaberTooth Pier Bracket

SaberTooth Pier Bracket

Designed to work with the SafeBase™ helical and push pier systems, the SaberTooth™ offers a permanent solution for poor soil conditions that lead to foundation problems.

Benefits include:
1. Lightweight (38# per bracket)
2. Strong (100 kip max capacity)
3. Load test
4. Cost effective
5. Offers a permanent repair solution
6. Sleeve-Lock™ locking reinforcing technology
7. 25-year manufacturer’s warranty 

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